New research into electro optic circuit boards

Louise Smyth

As part of PhotInd, the European project for metrology for the photonics industry, the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) is developing new metrology techniques for embedded waveguides on electro optic circuit boards (EOCBs). EOCBs are high speed, short range optical interconnects capable of 40 Gb/s or more and used in data storage/cloud data centres.

The transmission parameters of these multimode waveguides require close understanding and control of the launch conditions. Arden Photonics'
ModCon Modal Conditioners are therefore being used on NPL's variable launch system to control and characterise the launch profile in line with
IEC standards 62496-2:2017 (E) and 61280-4-1/Ed3/CD:2015.

Additionally, measurements of encircled flux on EOCBs are being carried out with an Arden MPX Modal Explorer to assess the modal distribution of
the variable launch system and the functional performance of particular waveguides under different environmental conditions.