New range of torque calibration rigs

Louise Smyth

Controlled bolting, flange working and portable machine equipment specialist HTL Group is looking to enhance operator safety and minimise downtime through the launch of a new range of torque calibration rigs.

With the equipment in place, employers operating within various industrial sectors will be able to considerably reduce the chance of incorrect measurements and tool inaccuracies occurring at their workplaces — issues that can result in hazardous consequences, including risk to personnel safety.

The new rigs allow users to take full control of their own in-house calibration. Created using premium quality materials and a highly safe design, HTL Group’s torque calibration rigs introduce a new tier to the company’s Premier range. 

To ensure the wellbeing of the operator, the enclosure of the equipment is made up of:

•    Norbar torque measurement equipment
•    An interlocked safety canopy
•    A robust and heavy-duty modular frame
•    A lockable pump cupboard
•    Safety interlocks
•    An integrated control panel
•    An electric pump
•    A precision gauge
•    An emergency stop mechanism

Commenting on the new equipment, Mike Johnson, group director of engineering at HTL Group, says: “The reality of accurate calibration is that it’s a necessity for industry but it mustn’t come at the expense of project downtime. The new range of torque calibration rigs brings to market a fully integrated piece of equipment incorporating advanced safety features. The ability to calibrate tools to a planned schedule effectively contributes to reducing downtime, allowing client projects to run as planned.”

The launch of the new range comes soon after HTL Group introduced HTL Pro-Tect – a specialist coating that’s formulated to extend the life of structures and assembly found within both topside and subsea environments — showcasing the company’s constant desire to expand and innovate.

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