New range of 75 Watt isolated DC/DC converters

Louise Smyth

Components Bureau is now offering a new range of 75 Watt isolated DC/DC converters from Cincon of Taiwan, certified to the latest EN 55032 EMC specification.

The ECLB75W series comprises 24 models offering a choice of 24V or 48V nominal DC input voltage and regulated single or ± 5V, ±12V, and ±15V, and ±24V output. Compliant with the standard 2” x 1” power-module pinout, the converters come in a 52mm x 30.5mm x 10.2mm shielded metal case with a choice of mountings. There is also a remote on/off control with a choice of positive or inverse logic polarity.

The input-voltage ratio of 4:1 allows operation from 9V-36V and 18V-75V, enabling use in distributed power architectures, telecommunication equipment, battery-operated devices, and industrial applications. The case operating-temperature range of –40°C to 105°C ensures reliability in challenging environments. 

As well as meeting EN 55032, which is the new EMC standard covering audio/video, broadcast and entertainment-lighting equipment, the units are also certified to the EN 55022 IT equipment standard. 

Internally, the converters feature an all-ceramic capacitor design with maximum efficiency over 92.5 per cent and very low no-load power consumption, ECLB75W converters are suited to use in energy-critical systems.

They feature 2250VDC input-to-output isolation, the latest EN 62368-1 safety certification, and comprehensive built-in protection features. These include input UVLO (under-voltage lockout), output over-current and over-voltage protection, over-temperature protection, and continuous short circuit protection.