New OnRobot solution improves automation

Louise Smyth

OnRobot has announced the release of a new end-of-arm-tooling (EoAT) interface to simplify automation; making it faster and easier for manufacturers to unlock the benefits of collaborative robots. 

Now, with a single system, single platform for programming and training, and single vendor relationship, manufacturers have access to a full range of tools, full robot compatibility and virtually unlimited possibilities for collaborative applications. This new one-system solution speeds deployment so manufacturers save time and money and can quickly realise the benefits of automation.

OnRobot continues to improve its EoAT to meet changing market demands. The RG2 and RG6 grippers have been re-designed to be stronger, more sensitive and easier to mount. The grippers also now come with TÜV certified Cat. 3, PLd level safety guards. The Gecko Gripper’s pads have been improved with a maximum payload, depending on the material, now up to 6.5kg.

The new unified mechanical and electrical interface for any OnRobot EoAT works with a full range of leading collaborative and light industrial robot brands. An additional Dual Quick Changer incorporates these same new capabilities while allowing the use of two tools in one cycle, mixing and matching to suit application needs and maximising robot utilisation.

How is the robot charged?

This is done the OnRobot Quick Changer – which is now integrated in all OnRobot tools - a single cable which provides a universal interface for tools and communications, so there is no need to disconnect cables when changing tools; and extended communications options support a full range of robotic platforms.

For Universal Robots robot arms, OnRobot now provides a unified URCap that allows all tools to work together, even in a single program. For example, using the new Dual Quick Changer, manufacturers can use an RG2 two-finger gripper together with a VG10 vacuum gripper in one cycle, achieving greater utilisation of a single UR robot. Thanks to the unified programming solution, the setup time on UR robots is now faster than ever.

All OnRobot products now have a unified communication platform using standard fieldbus protocols, making it easy to program the tools, regardless of which robot is being used. With the new protocols manufacturers can set software values and use more functions via a standard Ethernet cable, supporting an increased level of sophistication with a simple plug-and-produce approach that doesn’t require additional cables. Deployment time can be cut from 3 hours to 30 minutes, so manufacturers can get their collaborative application up and running quickly.

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