New modular DIN Rail AC surge protection devices

Jon Lawson

Transtector Systems has released a new range of modular DIN Rail AC Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) for industrial applications ranging from automation and control, public safety and security to communications. The new I2R-Series SPDs are optimised for any environment with UL Type 1 and Type 2 requirements.

Transtector offers configurations for all standard electrical service applications up to 690 Vac, including single phase, split phase, delta and three-phase WYE. All configurations are UL 1449 4th Edition approved.
As industrial network applications continue to broaden in scope, the need for reliable surge protection has never been greater. Transtector engineers use a safe-fail, self-protection design and high short circuit ratings with thermally protected MOVs, eliminating the need for additional overcurrent devices or backup fusing.