New Modbus TCP/IP interface for electric actuators

Paul Boughton

A new Modbus TCP/IP interface allows integration of Auma’s electric actuators into Industrial Ethernet (IE) environments. One of the first installations of actuators equipped with the interface is the Goetschka tunnel in Austria.

Auma’s Modbus TCP/IP interface fully complies with the communication standards defined in IEC 61158. It enables transmission of the full range of Modbus RTU communication commands, parameters and diagnostic information. Configuration, IP address assignment and commissioning are straightforward using a small, integrated web server. A retrofit kit facilitates upgrades of existing Auma AC integral controls with Modbus RTU interface. 

Modbus TCP/IP is one of the most widely used IE protocols. An increasing trend to integrate field devices via this protocol in a wide range of process automation applications is observed by Auma, particularly where an IE infrastructure is already established. Advantages include simplified horizontal integration between individual field devices and easier vertical integration with the control system.

The company provides a comprehensive range of interfaces to support all commonly used communication standards, including Modbus RTU, Profibus DP, Foundation Fieldbus, DeviceNet and HART. New solutions for wireless and Profinet are currently in development.

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