New mining safety innovation

Louise Smyth

Nanotron Technologies and Marco are working closely together to deliver solutions in the mining industry, helping to improve both safety and productivity in longwall face operations.

Nanotron’s swarm bee, a smart RF sensor module, is integrated into Marco’s longwall controllers, worker tags, remote control units and excavation units.

The integrated solution means that the location of tagged underground equipment and mining personnel is known accurately at all times. Real-time tracking of mining workers, roof support and excavation units improves worker safety and drives compliance. It also increases longwall operational efficiency, by safely accelerating work sequences and increasing operator flexibility.

Dr Jens Albers, CEO of Nanotron, said: “Both Nanotron and Marco are currently experiencing a sharp increase of the demand for their products in Russia and China, the two biggest mining markets worldwide. By combining our products, we can offer a market-leading solution that combines high technology with a strong understanding of the needs of the mining sector.”

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