New miniature connectivity solutions for high-speed data transmission

Jon Lawson

As demand grows for smaller, lighter devices guaranteeing faster, more reliable data transmission, design engineers have to juggle with ever changing variables and make complex trade-offs. Connector selection has morphed from “how many contacts do you need?” to the more serious challenge of “how can we run power and multiple signals in a single connector/cable combination without interference?” Where and how the connector will be used, and considerations about whether it needs to be repaired in the field, the type of sealing, materials and number of mating cycles, all have an impact on size, cost and reliability. 

As David Cianciolo, Fischer Connectors USA’s director of Engineering, points out, “There is not a single industry out there today that isn’t demanding that equipment get smaller, lighter and more functional at the same time.” To save its customers the pain of ‘trial and error’, the multinational company headquartered in Switzerland continues to transform industry trends into innovative miniature and wearable connectivity solutions that integrate ultra-fast and reliable data transmission, high-performance sealing and ultra-ruggedness.

New additions to the family

Two new product line extensions to the MiniMax Series and the Rugged Flash Drive have recently been introduced.

The ultra-miniature, high-density MiniMax connectors combine signal and power while maintaining rugged characteristics cutting size, weight and power (SWAP) and boosting performance. To meet the need for higher data transmission rates, their special contact blocks are designed to provide high-speed data transfer up to USB 3.0 and/or 10Gb/s. Thanks to redesign and production process improvements, the series now handles more mixed signal and power connections in an innovative combination. Following the success of the recent dedicated USB 3.0 contact block in the 08 size connector, a new MiniMax configuration will enable even faster data transmission via USB 3.0/Ethernet/HDMI protocols. The enhanced IP68 sealing improves ruggedisation and enables all MiniMax connectors and cable assembly solutions to go as deep as 20m into water, thus improving usability and durability.

As for the popular Rugged Flash Drive, an extremely tough memory stick specially designed for safe storage and transportation of sensitive data in harsh environments, it has been further adapted to the new MiniMax USB 3.0 connector interface.

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