New line of Miniature Circuit Breakers

Jon Lawson

c3controls has introduced the Series 1100 line of Miniature Circuit Breakers, the inaugural offering of MCBs from the company. They feature a 10kA Short-Circuit Current Rating (SCCR), on par with the highest available on the market, providing short-circuit and overload protection for branch and downstream devices. 

Including both UL 489 Branch Circuit Breakers and UL 1077 Supplementary Protectors and over 500 unique configurations, the Series 1100 line is suitable for a wide range of applications. Configurations include one-pole, one plus neutral, two, three and three plus neutral, with current ratings from 0.5A to 63A, all with thermal and magnetic trip elements for overload and short-circuit protection. The c3 MCBs are an all-in-one product, flexible for use in AC and DC applications, breaking from the common market standard of offering a separate line for DC. 
Fully tested, the moulded case circuit breakers are suitable for use per IEC 60947-2 and IEC 60898, and are UL listed and CE marked to meet global requirements and comply with RoHS directives.