New leak tester works in a second

Jon Lawson

The CLC100 is just one of the many new instruments being developed at Chell and the latest leak tester equipment created by the Norfolk-based engineers. With a pressure range between -1 and 10 bar, the it accurately measures leaks in pressurised gas lines for optimum leak sensitivity.

It has an easy to use intuitive setup which allows new tests to be programmed in seconds by either the device’s OLED high-resolution display or the on-board web server once connected to a computer.
While the CLC100 tests for any leaks in gas pressure, both a countdown and the current pressure are displayed. Once the diagnostic is complete, the CLC100 gives a clear pass or fall notification, along with the delta pressure decay or rise measured during the test.
The device can take as little as one second to perform a check. 


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