New Isolast perfluoroelastomer sealing materials

Louise Smyth

FlexiMold is the Trelleborg Sealing Solutions unique method of producing large diameter joint-free seals. The process has now been extended to offer FlexiMold seals in Isolast perfluoroelastomer materials specifically engineered for oil & gas applications.

Three Isolast perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) compounds have been specially engineered to meet the most demanding of oilfield conditions. These compounds can now be manufactured using the unique joint-free FlexiMold process from 600 millimetres /24 inch up to any size.

Chris Busby, the Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Product Manager for Isolast and FlexiMold, said: “Chemical injection swivels and turbo compressor applications often require large diameter seals in sizes up to 2000 millimetres/7 feet in diameter. It would not be possible to produce these seals using standard methods of production. Hence, the development of the FlexiMold process. As an alternative to splicing, using FlexiMold proprietary moulding techniques, we can deliver a seal that has no visible join. It will also have excellent integrity to provide extended life, lowering operators overall costs.”

For the oil & gas industry seals are now available in the following Isolast perfluoroelastomer materials specifically engineered for the oil & gas industry.

Isolast® J9554 offers outstanding chemical resistance in all environments including in high temperature steam, as well as exceptional mechanical performance at high pressures. This is an ideal elastomer for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) applications, including chemical and steam injection applications, downhole tools, and geothermal applications.

XploR J9523 has a combination of excellent chemical and thermal properties with a focus on outstanding low temperature capabilities. It exhibits exceptional performance in Rapid Gas Decompression (RGD) situations and at extremely low temperatures. The material has been independently tested to NORSOK M-710 (ISO 23936) and the API-6A, Annex F specification, satisfying compliance to each specification.

Isolast XploR J9513 is the ideal sealing solution for oil and gas applications where RGD could be encountered. This material has a high Rapid Gas Decompression (RGD) resistance within its material type and is capable of operating in extreme temperatures with long service life in the most aggressive media. It is compliant with NORSOK M-710 (ISO 23936) for both aging in sweet and sour media and RGD resistance, as well as API-6A, Annex F immersion compliance.



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