New hot air blower

Paul Boughton

Leister Technologies has been a key player in developing, producing and selling hot-air blowers for industrial use for decades. Wherever hot air is needed, the dependable air heaters, blowers and hot-air blowers from Switzerland can be used in innumerable production processes and applications around the world.

A hot-air blower is a combination of air heater and blower. With the Mistral family, Leister is launching a completely new concept in this product category. The Mistral6 units have a brushless, maintenance-free motor. This makes it outstandingly well suited for continuous operation in industrial settings. Two different model groups are available – the Mistral 2, 4, and 6 Premium, and the top-of-the-line Mistral6 system.

In the simpler - but no less innovatively designed - Mistral Premium line, the blowers and heating can be switched on and off separately. In addition, it can be switched from an internal to an external potentiometer. This allows the temperature to be controlled from the outside as well.

The top model in the Mistral6 system can either be operated using its integrated controls or via an external system interface to integrate it into a closed loop servo system. The easy-to-read display shows all relevant user status information and is used for programming all the versatile application possibilities. An integrated temperature alarm delivers the exact temperature information for the internal closed loop operation for this type. The system also has an automatic cool-down function. The volume of air and the temperature can be perfectly set for every application using the innovative e-drive operator control module. The integrated heating element protection with photo transistor and the temperature protection switch for the unit protection provides additional safety.

An additional convenience is that the integrated connector adapter for all units has an interior one inch thread. This makes additional adapters redundant because every air hose can be quickly connected. The contemporary industrial design of all models in the new Mistral family make them an attractive option. Another plus is that the mounting tabs are accessible from above.

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