New high-resolution infrared camera

Jon Lawson

DIAS Infrared has extended its product range of special and very robust thermal imaging cameras for measurement of very high temperatures in combustion chambers.

The new infrared camera PYROINC 768N endoscope enables non-contact temperature measurement between 800 °C and 1800 °C in the NIR spectral range from 0.8 µm to 1.1 µm. It’s equipped with a particularly slim endoscope optic with a stainless steel probe cooling jacket of only 36 mm diameter (length about 900 mm, extendable if necessary), which can be cooled with both water and air.

The optic has a motor focus and a protective window. The infrared radiation inlet has a patented air purge. It has a very small diameter. The probe cooling jacket can be retracted directly through an opening through the combustion chamber wall. An automated retraction device ensures maximum safety even under critical operating conditions. The front part of the probe cooling jacket withstands temperatures around 1800 °C.

The infrared camera PYROINC 768N endoscope can be used for temperature measurement of glass melts and for checking the lining in glass melting furnaces, but also for online monitoring of the sintering zone in cement rotary kilns.

The advantage of the small diameter of 36 mm is that the temperature measuring PYROINC camera can be used in existing openings of the combustion chamber walls for visual cameras. Both camera systems can be easily exchanged.