New flow meter with adaptive sensing

Louise Smyth

With the launch of its new ST80 series Thermal Mass Flow Meter featuring adaptive sensor technology (AST), the process industry’s air/gas flow measurement bar has been set higher for range, accuracy, extended service life, reliability and application-matched solutions by Fluid Components International (FCI).

The new AST technology for the ST80 Flow Meters features an innovative hybrid sensor drive. This measuring technique combines both of the highly proven constant power (CP) and constant temperature (CT) thermal dispersion sensing technologies in the same instrument. Complementing this new measurement drive technique is a choice of four different flow sensor element designs to further ensure a high-quality installed performance, including FCI’s new wet gas solution.

When operating in AST mode, the new flow meters measure in CT during start-up and through the lower flow ranges, and will then seamlessly shift into CP mode at mid-range and higher flow rates. The result is a ‘best of both technologies’ performance level where the advanced ST80 meters deliver extremely fast response with extended measuring ranges, at low power consumption to maximise sensor reliability and reduce instrument energy expenses.

The new meters feature FCI’s rugged no moving parts flow element design, which provides direct mass flow measurement with just a single process penetration. This approach saves plant real estate space and eliminates unnecessary installation labour and other expenses. It also prevents the performance degradation encountered with other flow technologies, which require the addition of expensive temperature and pressure sensors to compute an inferred mass flow.

With no moving parts to plug or foul and clean, the ST80 Flow Meters deliver extensive lifecycle cost savings over higher maintenance technologies. The result is accurate and highly repeatable mass flow measurement at the lowest total installed cost. In today’s complex process control schemes, the meters provide the accurate air and gas flow measurements essential for process consistency, quality, plant safety and environmental compliance.