New electric tensioning pumps launched

Louise Smyth

Enerpac has introduced the ZUTP-S series electric tensioning pumps for oil & gas, wind power and power plant applications. The tensioning pump provides reliable power and precision for critical bolting joints in the assembly of gas and wind turbines, compressors and power shaft couplings.

The ZUTP-S series features a pendant-operated solenoid valve that is ideal for multiple bolt tensioning applications and allows for single-person operation. The operator can pressurise and retract the tensioner directly from the pendant. The pump generates 21,750 psi (1,500 bar) of pressure without the need for an intensifier. This allows for low-maintenance and less cost for the user.

The new pumps feature a two-stage pump design providing high flow at low pressure for fast system fills and controlled flow at high pressure for accurate operation. An easy access manual override valve quickly releases pressure if power is lost.

The 1.7 hp heavy-duty universal motor provides outstanding performance-to-weight ratio while the pump’s panel-mounted 15cm (6 inch) pressure gauge has a polycarbonate cover set into the protective metal shroud for improved visibility. In addition to the 6m (20ft) pendant for remote control of valve, the new series includes a replaceable 10-micron reservoir breather and inline high-pressure filter helps maintain oil cleanliness for optimum performance.