New drive systems

Louise Smyth

With the launch of the next-generation E-frame versions, variable speed drives in the popular and successful Danfoss VLT range are setting new standards for efficiency and compact construction. Available in ratings from 315 to 560kW 400V (355 to 800 kW 690V), E-frame drives are up to 73% smaller than their predecessors, which makes possible big savings of valuable space in control panels and equipment rooms.

The new E-frame drives also incorporate an enhanced version of the proven Danfoss back-channel cooling concept, which now removes up 90% of the heat generated by the drive. This heat can readily be exhausted outside the enclosure and this innovative cooling system also dramatically reduces temperature rise and contamination of electronic components, thereby ensuring long and reliable service life.

In addition, back-channel cooling reduces the need for air conditioning in rooms where the drives are installed and this, along with enhanced operating efficiency of the new drives, means that big savings in operating costs can be achieved.

Designed to be easy to install, commission and use, Danfoss E-frame drives are available in a new IP20 version that has been optimised for use by panel builders, while providing a higher level of safety for operators. Also available are IP21 versions and IP54 versions that can be installed without the need for external enclosures.

Next-generation E-frame drives retain the familiar and intuitive VLT control platform. For existing users of VLT drives there is therefore nothing new to learn, which means that the transition from the old to the new drives can be made easily and with minimum effort.

Danfoss is offering its compact and efficient new E-frame drives in FC 302 Automation Drive versions to suit even the most demanding of industrial applications; FC 202 AQUA Drive versions that are optimised for water, wastewater and other pumping applications; and FC 102 HVAC Drive versions for applications in the HVAC and refrigeration sectors.


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