New dozer

Louise Smyth

The latest Cat D8T dozer is designed to move more material in less time, at a lower cost per ton, for a faster return on equipment investment. The bulldozer features an all-new fully automatic transmission, delivering more productivity without consuming more fuel, as well as unprecedented ease of operation. Added blade capacity, increased power and steering performance, and a full range of technology options help customers realise more productivity and a faster payback.

The new D8T moves up to 18% more material per hour than the previous model, while using about the same amount of fuel, representing a significant efficiency gain. In lighter applications, customers can expect to see up to 11% fuel savings compared to doing the same work with the previous model.

Much of the productivity gain comes from a new Caterpillar-designed fully-automatic 4-speed transmission. The powertrain continuously optimises the dozer for maximum power and greatest efficiency based on the load. There is no need for the operator to upshift/downshift, so operators of varying experience levels can get the most from the dozer without having to manage gear shifts. The added gear and seamless lock-up clutch engagement ensure smooth shifting.

The Semi-Universal (SU) blade capacity has been increased by 19%. At 10.3m cubed, the largest SU blade in the size class finishes jobs in fewer passes. Optional patented Performance Cutting Edges increase blade payload by up to 25% versus standard cutting edges, especially in hard/frozen ground or heavily compacted materials.

Powered by a Cat C15 ACERT engine, the new D8T offers 264 kW/359 DIN net horsepower. Drawbar power is increased by up to 13%. A 10% increase in steering torque and differential steering combine to provide best-in-class steering performance under load.  



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