New compact hydraulic brake packages

Jon Lawson

Twiflex has launched a range of compact hydraulic brake packages, which are designed to meet the challenging braking requirements experienced in a wide variety of industrial applications.

The standard brake packages, comprising Twiflex spring applied, hydraulically released caliper brakes and state-of-the-art compact hydraulic power units (type LCS), are pre-assembled onto specially designed pedestals for ease of mounting and installation. The brake packages can be further customised to meet specific customers’ requirements.

The high-specification hydraulic power unit features a fully-integrated hand pump for manual release of the brake in the event of power failure, pressure gauge and built-in terminal box to simplify the electrical connection.

Key features of the Twiflex hydraulic brake packages include the compact dimensions, addressing applications with limited space available. A wide range of braking force ratings provide superior performance in applications as diverse as elevators, gantry cranes, winches, amusement rides, conveyors, metal processing lines and ski lifts. In addition, the integrated nature of the Twiflex solution ensures component compatibility and optimised performance, while minimising the installation time and maintenance burden.

Three different spring applied, hydraulically released brake models are available within the standard Twiflex brake packages. These have nominal braking force ratings ranging from 6.8 kN to 119 kN.


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