New circuit breakers deliver protection up to 55kW and 115A

Jon Lawson

RS Components has announced the launch of the TeSys GV4 range of motor circuit breakers from Schneider Electric.

The compact product line combines digital intelligence with robust and reliable protection for motor applications. It has also been engineered to perform in the harshest environments, such as in wastewater treatment facilities, refineries, cement plants and crane hoisting machines.

It combines basic circuit breaker protection together with a range of advanced features and the ability to handle up to 55kW of power and current up to 115A.

The TeSys GV4 range offers three types of protection: magnetic for the GV4L model; electronic thermal magnetic for the GV4P, which is dual-class 10 and 20 with a wide range of overload settings; and electronic thermal magnetic with adjustable advanced protection and alarming features for the GV4PEM. Alarming and fault differentiation features are also available with the optional SDx side module. All these advanced protection and pre-alarm features enable better process control and anticipation of problems before they happen.