New adhesive packaging and dispensing solution

Louise Smyth

Sulzer Mixpac has announced the launch of Mixpeel, a new adhesive packaging and dispensing solution that fits two components in a one-component style cartridge. 

The system features the company’s latest 2-in-1 concept designed particularly for the construction sector. It can be used for a wide variety of applications such as chemical anchoring, 2-component sealing, crack repair etc.

Mixpeel provides key benefits to fillers as well as adhesive manufacturers. The new design enables both of them to easily and quickly fill the cartridge from either the nose or the backend. For front filling, pistons come pre-inserted to streamline the process. When it comes to the new 280ml filling volume, Mixpeel provides additional capacity versus other competitive products in the market. Finally, yet importantly, the retained waste volume is much lower, compared to other products, providing environmental benefits.

Sulzer Mixpac 1:1 280mL Mixpeel system is compatible with a wide range of one-component dispensers offered from the COX and MK range. The Mixpeel package combined with the dispenser as well as the Sulzer MIXPAC mixer portfolio allows the users to benefit from a proven system that is wholly engineered by Sulzer Mixpac to provide superior quality and optimal mixing performance for their applications.


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