NEI Fusion 2.0 combines Nastran FEA and Solidworks CAD

Paul Boughton

NEI Software, a developer of Nastran finite element analysis (FEA) software, is releasing NEI Fusion 2.0, a novel combination of Nastran FEA solvers and a 3D modeller powered by Solidworks. The NEI Fusion 2.0 upgrade adds several types of advanced modal and heat transfer analyses, new element types, new load capabilities and support for hyperelastic and orthotropic composite materials. A brochure describing the new features and enhancements in detail, along with a 90-second video demonstration of the product, is on the company's website.

NEI Fusion is used by product development professionals like CAD designers and product engineers to compress design time, cut prototyping and testing costs, and improve quality. The product is also of interest to FE analysts who like the option of a pre-post tool with a 3D CAD orientation and CAD/FEA model associativity, and consultants who need a Nastran software package in their simulation software portfolio. The new NEI Fusion release provides an alternative to 'in-CAD' FEA offerings in the designer/product engineer segment of the simulation software market. NEI Fusion offers these users a combination of: comprehensive 3D CAD environment for model creation, professional level FEA capabilities with high-accuracy solvers, surface contact, optimisation, composites, automated impact analysis (AIA), and a future growth path to analyst level simulation if needed via the Nastran solver platform. NEI Fusion is said to be competitively priced in comparison to 'in-CAD FEA tools.

NEI Software is hosting a webinar on August 19 at 11:00 AM PDT, "Virtual Testing at the Design Stage," to demonstrate NEI Fusion's new capabilities. Registration is via the website.

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