Multifunction installation tester

Louise Smyth

Megger’s new MFT1731 multifunction installation tester, the top model in the newly updated MFT1700 range, provides functionality for contractors whose work includes not only standard domestic and installations, but also industrial three-phase systems, TT systems for mobile homes and the like, vehicle charging points, and lightning protection systems.

The MFT1731, which ships in a large soft protective case with plenty of room for test leads and accessories, provides all of the facilities needed for fast, dependable and efficient testing of low voltage installations in line with the IET Wiring Regulations – and many other invaluable functions.

Insulation test voltages from 100 V to 1,000 V are offered, together with automatic and manual RCD test options. RCDs that can be tested include Type A, AC, B, selective and programmable types.

A choice of two-wire and three-wire non-trip loop testing as well as high-current loop testing is offered, together with fast continuity checking, frequency measurement and true RMS voltage measurement. Current can be measured using the optional clamp.

When used with appropriate accessories, the MFT1731 also offers a choice of two-pole, three-pole, stakeless and ART (attached rod technique) methods for measuring earth electrode resistance. And for work on three-phase systems, this versatile instrument supports testing of three-phase RCDs even when no neutral connection is available; phase sequence detection; phase-to-phase loop testing at 415 V; and determination of prospective short-circuit current (PSCC) up to 20kA.

An important aid to efficiency is the large capacity internal storage for test results, complemented by wireless downloading to Bluetooth-enabled laptops.

The MFT1731 is also particularly convenient and economical to operate, as it incorporates long-life batteries that can be recharged rapidly without removing them from the instrument. A mains-operated battery charger is supplied as standard, with a charger for use from vehicle supplies available as an optional extra.

Like all Megger instruments, the new MFT1731 has been designed with safety firmly in mind. It has a CAT IV 300 V rating in line with IEC 61010, and integral safety features that include protection against accidental connection to live circuits up to 600 V, even when a dead-circuit test has been selected and locked on.

Megger’s new top-of-the-range MFT1731 multifunction installation tester features rugged construction to ensure long life even in tough working conditions. The instrument has IP54 rated protection against the ingress of dust and water, making it extremely robust and reliable.

MFT1731 testers are supplied complete with carrying case, test leads, neck strap and a full twelve-month calibration certificate.