Multichannel charge amplifier suits high-accuracy measurements

Paul Boughton

High-accuracy measurement of physical quantities in laboratory applications requires precise signal amplification. Kistler's new, modular, high-end multichannel charge amplifier Type 5080A… is designed to suit a variety of tasks with these requirements. For example, it amplifies the signals from piezoelectric sensors for multicomponent force measurement; this makes this innovative amplifier suitable for applications such as recording the very small forces encountered in micromachining.
As the successor to charge amplifier Types 5017 and 5019, the new Type 5080A… is intended for mounting in 19-inch racks. Its modular design provides for expansion to eight amplifier modules at any time. It can accommodate both charge modules for piezoelectric sensors and dual-mode modules with charge/piezotron input. This enables the acquisition of not only force signals but also signals from sensors measuring pressure, torque or acceleration. This possibility of combining charge and dual-model modules in the rack permits recording of, for instance, force and acceleration signals with the same unit.
The new multichannel charge amplifier offers a wide frequency range from 0 to more than 200kHz, a broad measuring range (+/-2 to 2.2million pC), low drift, a low noise level, enhanced low-pass filtering and an integral summing processor as standard. The AC and DC versions available communicate via USB and RS-232C interfaces.
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