MS analyser for fast gas processes

Jon Lawson

The Hiden HPR-20 QIC TMS Transient Mass Spectrometer system is specifically configured for analysis of fast gas reaction processes operating through a broad pressure regime from 2bar down to a low 100mbar. 

Applications include flash-heating studies, respiratory analysis, sorption/desorption rate monitoring and assessment of gas/surface interaction kinetics.

The compact benchtop system features the Hiden 3F/PIC series triple-filter quadrupole for optimum sensitivity, species identification and contamination resistance. The fast digital detector system provides a wide dynamic range through seven continuous decades with a sampling rate capability in excess of 500 data points per second. Individual gaseous species may be selected and monitored within 6 milliseconds, with pulse profile resolution(5% to 95% peak height) in just 60 milliseconds. 

Sampling from the process is via an inert quartz-lined heated interface, process gases being exposed to quartz and platinum surfaces prior to analysis to maintain sample integrity. The APSI soft ionisation operating mode minimises ion fragmentation for simplification of complex mass spectra.

The Transient system monitors gases and vapours with molecular weights to 300amu with higher mass ranges available for specialised applications, and systems include provision for import of two external process parameters, temperature and/or weight for example, for integration with the mass spectral data.