Motion control for A-B 1762 MicroLogix I/O

Paul Boughton

Have you been looking for a solution involving motion control with the Allen-Bradley 1762 MicroLogix I/O? The wait is over. AMCI has released its 3100 series, two-axis motion controller modules, the first of their kind.

These modules can control servo and/or stepper drives (depending on your requirements), and are easily programmed using Allen-Bradley's popular RSLogix 500 software. Both modules (3102 and 3102i) provide a wide range of motion functionality including jog, home, point-point, and encoder feedback. Developed to simplify more complex applications, the 3102i module includes linear and circular interpolation commands. These additional features make the 3102i module stand out with the ability to reach specific target positions and output contoured motion profiles. AMCI's new 3100 series module turns the 1762 MicroLogix I/O into a cost effective solution for applications such as semiconductor fabrication, electronics assembly, storage and sorting, XY table control and more.

AMCI's next two product releases: Resolver and SSI interface modules for MLX 1762 are are scheduled to be released in early spring.

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Advanced Micro Controls Inc (AMCI) is based in Terryville, CT, USA.

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