Modular moulded enclosure

Paul Boughton

The new SoftStyle modular moulded enclosure, from Vero Technologies, brings an elegant contemporary look to the product it houses, equally appropriate for a consumer-facing application or professional equipment.

SoftStyle is moulded from a flame retardant UL94-V0 polycarbonate, which allows translucent mouldings and offers better UV stability than ABS or other materials.

The top features a clear frosted finish, so internal indicators are easily visible. The plan size is 220 wide x 230mm deep and there are three standard heights: 35, 70 and 105mm, achieved with one or two 35mm high side infill panels. No visible fixings ensure a clean uncluttered appearance. Six PCB standoffs are provided in both top and base and brass inserts and machine screws enable repeated opening and closings.

Top and base mouldings can be mixed and matched between black, translucent frosted clear, translucent dark grey and light grey; as standard the side infill panels are in translucent frosted clear finish. 3mm removable anodised aluminium panels fit into one of two slots at the front: one is as far forward as possible to give maximum internal space while the other is set back by 10mm to recess protruding switches. The rear panel position is fixed. A comfortable and robust tilt and carry handle is available for mobile applications.

Factory options include the mouldings available in any translucent or solid colour, front and rear panels can be customised with cut-outs and apertures for connectors, indicators and switches to suit the application, and tops, bases and side panels can be drilled, laser cut or milled to close tolerances if required for ventilation or other purposes. For use in medical applications, the base material can be doped to give life -long anti-microbial protection.