Miniaturised Bluetooth 5.0 module targets the IoT

Jon Lawson

Murata has launched a Bluetooth 5.0 module based around the latest chipset from Nordic Semiconductor.

The MBN52832 module combines Nordic’s nRF52832 single chip wireless transceiver, a 32 MHz crystal for timing, and an on-board antenna. It also contains pins for an off-board omni-directional antenna and a NFC antenna.  The module provides a Serial Port Interface (SPI) and UART interface to the ARM Cortex M4 processor in Nordic’s chip.  

The module measures 7.4 x 7.0 x 0.9mm and provides BLE connectivity between tablets, cell phones, cloud services, and other proprietary functions. Nordic’s software developer's kit enables developers to create and run edge device applications that can monitor and capture diagnostic information for preventive maintenance. These features can be combined in apps for both iOS and Android devices that run BT v5.0.

The small footprint and ability to add applications means the module is aimed at OEMs wanting to develop Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Target markets include Industrial IoT, energy, and home and office automation applications such as asset tracking devices, medical insulin pumps, white goods, and other consumer goods that require connectivity.

“As the IoT rapidly rolls out, the underpinning technology is increasingly in demand - making it essential that companies launch their Bluetooth low energy IoT products quickly and cost effectively,” said Geir Langeland, Director of Sales & Marketing at Nordic Semiconductor. “Murata has taken full advantage of the nRF52832 SoC’s powerful features to offer a module that can be incorporated into compact wireless products by engineers with limited RF experience—decreasing time to market—yet can support the most demanding Bluetooth low energy IoT applications.”