Mini Canbus datalogger has USB port for communicating with a PC

Paul Boughton

Sensor-Technik is launching the C2U-Mini datalogger. This compact unit records data from Canbus systems for later analysis on a standard PC or notebook computer. Designed for easy integration, particularly with automotive systems, the data recorder features both Canbus and USB interfaces to bridge the gap between the automotive and desktop worlds and enable Canbus system analysis in a familiar desktop environment.
Housed in a rugged die-cast enclosure, the C2U-Mini is a solid-state device with 128Mbyte of NAND Flash memory for data recording, a powerful 16bit microcontroller and 512kbyte of RAM. There are two Can 2.0B interfaces, each capable of communicating at up to 1Mbit/s with Canbus controllers.
On the PC side, the DAQ device has a full USB 2.0 interface and comes with easy-to-use, Windows-compatible software for downloading and analysis of the logged data. Alternatively, the C2U-Mini can be used 'in reverse' for loading programs and data from a PC to a Canbus system.
The unit is designed for easy installation and operation in automotive and off-road environments. A special mounting bracket holds the logger securely in place, and all connections are via a single eight-pin M9 plug. Alternatively, Sensor-Technik can supply customised cable sets to suit individual applications.
During normal operation the logger accepts a wide 9-32V DC power supply, thereby ensuring compatibility with all common automotive systems, yet it switches to 5V USB power when that interface is connected. All connections are short-circuit and reverse-polarity protected.
The C2U-Mini datalogger is available now from Sensor-Technik UK, both on its own and as an integral part of the company's Canbus systems offering.
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