Military-grade Ethernet connectors with 10Gb/s capacity

Louise Smyth

Amphenol Socapex has launched its latest member to the high-speed family, a Cat.6A, 10 Gb/s connector. 

The μCom series is a new range of Ethernet connectors designed to meet the requirements of the latest military industry trends: miniaturisation, very high-speed and robustness for use in harsh environments.

The TVμCom-10Gb+ is the new version derived from this series, and it combines the 10 Gb/s Ethernet speed of the classic μCom-10Gb+ with the ruggedness of the 38999 Series III shell.

In fact it exceeds 10Gb/s according to the IEEE 802.3an-2006, 10GBase-T standard, and the 38999 series III size 11 shell provides environmental resistance similar to MIL-DTL-38999 Series III. A reduced flange version is also available for jam nut receptacles to minimise the panel footprint. This is suited to applications such as high definition and high speed video, uncompressed real-time video (over IP), 10 Gb/s Ethernet switches, vision systems for armoured vehicles, and high-speed mobile terminals like for satellite reception stations and radios.