Migrating mission critical data

Paul Boughton

A global oil field drilling company has successfully migrated its mission critical data acquisition systems to run on the Kontron KISS Oil & Gas2U intelligent rackmount server platform.

More than 2,600 Kontron KISS servers are now supporting 7,500 field-based users located at the oil company’s drilling locations in North America, South America, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East. It is expected more servers will be added in the future to help keep pace with growing demand.

The decision to standardise on Kontron IoT ready servers followed an extensive evaluation by the company of its existing field-based systems with the core requirement being the implementation of a common, fully connected data acquisition IT platform. This was necessary in order to streamline existing operations by enabling all business units to more easily share assets for delivering increased productivity and competitiveness, while maximising systems uptime and reducing IT maintenance costs.

Throughout the migration process Kontron engineers worked alongside the company’s in-house technicians based at its locations around the globe. This ensured a smooth and seamless transition of the existing software systems to the new server platform and allowed technicians to be fully trained on all aspects of the system to the level of being Kontron Certified.

“It was essential for our new server platform to be rugged and reliable while guaranteeing scalability and a long lifespan so we could maximise ROI and ensure consistency for supporting future software systems and developments,” explained the company’s Global Technical Advisor. “Kontron’s solution was chosen as it met all of the criteria thanks to it being designed around proven industry standard technology as well as long-term availability which meant it could deliver the future-proofed flexibility we required to help reduce our in-field operational costs and personnel training.

“Kontron’s global technical support services, strong partnerships with industry leading processor and component manufacturers, and its willingness to listen to and accommodate our feedback during the trial, also made a real difference,” he added.

The Kontron servers are primarily being used for global Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and Control Room applications, storing vast amounts of data captured by thousands of field-based sensors. This enables comprehensive modelling and real-time reporting on all aspects of drilling activities which can be accessed by users located in the field and remotely. The availability of precise, up-to-the-minute and highly actionable data is ensuring a safer environment for oilfield personnel and local inhabitants while achieving greater productivity and operational cost savings for the company and its customers. 

Based on Kontron’s well-established and industry proven KTQ77/FLEX motherboard the KISS Oil & Gas 2U provides the processing power and connectivity required for modern day oil exploration and production while being able to withstand shock, vibration and extreme temperatures. The rugged design includes features such as easily accessible dust filters, cable tie-downs and shock mountings for ensuring maximum durability in the field. 

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