Maximum power in SIP-8 package

Paul Boughton

Traco Power TMR 9 is the world’s first dc/dc converter series in SIP-8 package which provides an isolated and regulated output voltage with 9 Watt output power. It reaches a 50% higher power density compared to conventional SIP converters.

The TMR 9 series models are equipped with a special design flat switching transistor with extended dissipation surface. Together with an extra thermo-conducting potting compound the heat losses can be optimally transferred to the metal casing and dissipated to the environment.

The converters reliably operate up to 60°C environment temperature at full load or up to 85°C with a 50% load de-rating. With 1500 VDC I/O-isolation voltage, external On/Off, short current protection and EMC according EN55022 class A, they cover a wide application range. The converters are available with 2:1 (TMR 9) or 4:1 (TMR 9WI) input range and the common single and dual output voltages.