Making low flow more efficient

Louise Smyth

Combining the proven technologies of Sundyne Barske Wheel hydraulics with the HMD Kontro sealless magnetic drive, the GSPLF (LF for Low Flow) sealless pump has been developed to fill a gap in the market for a high-efficiency low flow magnetic drive centrifugal pump with a single stage high head capability. The GSPLF meets the requirements of API 685 and has full ATEX compliance, making it ideal for chemical and hydrocarbon processing applications.

Sundyne has over 50 years of experience in offering Barske Wheel pumps, designed to provide efficiency in the low specific speed regime often referred to as low flow, high head applications. These pumps have an open impeller with straight blades and a tapered conical diffuser to produce the desired performance. Development and testing demonstrates that this combination produces a head factor (ratio of developed head to theoretical head) considerably higher than that of traditional back-swept Francis vane impellers.
The combination of Sundyne Barske Wheel hydraulics with the HMD sealless magnetic drive, reliability, design flexibility, and efficiency is further optimised, ensuring trouble-free, safe and environmentally conscious plant operation. An additional advantage of the GSPLF is the flexibility inherent in the diffuser and impeller combination, which can easily be rerated should the duty point change without replacing the pressure casing.


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