Low-viscosity adhesive cures with UV and visible light

Paul Boughton

Adhesives company Techsil introduces Vitralit UV 4050 LV, a new transparent adhesive with ultra low-viscosity for bonding plastics, glass and metals.

Vitralit UV 4050 LV acrylate adhesive has just been developed by German adhesive manufacturers Panacol and is being launched into the UK market by Techsil. This new adhesive has extremely low viscosity and a suitable  choice for very tight bond gaps.

It provides excellent adhesion to most plastics like PC, PVC, PS, ABS, SAN as well as to metals like stainless steel, steel or aluminium and glass. If at least one assembly material is transparent, Vitralit UV 4050 LV will cure very quickly to produce a strong and reliable bond.

The ability to cure with visible light (>400nm) permits the bonding of transparent materials which have low UV transmission like polycarbonate.  Vitralit UV 4050 LV is anticipated to be big in the medical devices sector and is currently being tested according to USP Class VI and DIN ISO 10993-4/-5 standards for use in medical applications.

Vitralit UV 4050 LV cures in seconds with UV-A and visible light. Both gas discharge lamps and LEDs are suitable to use for curing; in particular, high intensity gallium doped gas discharge lamps produce excellent curing results. Vitralit UV 4050 LV can easily be integrated into automated production lines.

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