Long-range radar

Jon Lawson

A manufacturer of sensors to measure maritime distances at sea has revealed the ground-breaking development of the long-standing Artemis System.

Guidance Marine’s new Artemis Mk6 is the most complete long-range radar in the product’s history, positioning vessels safely and effectively up to 10,000m.

The Leicester-based company, took over ownership of the Artemis brand, first introduced to the offshore market in 1972, from CHL in 2015 and since then has extensively evaluated the Mk5 system and understood the needs of shuttle tanker and Floating, Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) operators.

The new system, which overcomes GNSS scintillation, boasts an all-weather operating system up to 10km, interchangeable antennas and antenna units, a Guidance Dashboard user interface and is compatible with all existing Mk5 stations.

The company, based in Meridian Business Park, Leicester, largely manufactures sensors which measure distances between a vessel and an asset at sea, typically oil platforms, has developed packages for the Mk6 that have been tailored for shuttle tanker owners and operators. Upgrade and training programmes are also available to those wishing to refine their Artemis system skills.

Orders have already been placed by DP integrator, Kongsberg Maritime as well as Teekay, the largest independent operator of FPSO units in the North Sea and fourth largest leased operator in the world. Plans are in now the pipeline to release the Artemis Validator, a compact device designed to quickly and independently verify the operation of an Artemis sensor.