Linear voltage regulators

Paul Boughton

CISSOID’s CMT-ANTARES is a new fixed-voltage 5V linear voltage regulator ruggedised for high reliability and high temperature automotive and industrial applications.

CMT-ANTARES delivers up to 200mA to the output load from input voltages between 5.5V and 30V. The output voltage is stabilised to 5V +±5% including all possible variations: initial accuracy, temperature changes from -55°C up to 175°C (Tj), line and load regulations.

CMT-ANTARES not only operates reliably at high temperatures but it is robust against severe electrical anomalies: the chip is immune to latch-up, resists to ESD events up to 6KV (HBM), is protected against short circuits and power overloading, by a current limiter and an over temperature protection (OTP) triggering above 225°C (Tj). 

Moreover, CMT-ANTARES offers comfortable safety margins with maximum absolute ratings for temperature and input voltage extending respectively to 200°C (Tj) and 40V.

The device is packaged in a 3-pin TO-263 plastic package. The junction-to-case thermal resistance is only 4.6°C/W. The combination of high operating junction temperature and a low junction-to-case thermal resistance allows minimising the cooling requirements, eg by using a smaller copper thermal pad on the PCB.  This 3-pins package makes it easy to integrate CMT-ANTARES on the PCB and allows a drop-in replacement of commercial voltage references.