Linear Encoder in SMD-format

Louise Smyth

POSIC launches the IT5602L linear encoder, which comes in a tiny SMD-format.  Resolution and maximum speed are field-programmable and can be set down to 0.04 um and to 10 m/s respectively. The output signals are A and B in quadrature and an Index-pulse that is synchronized to the A and B signals. Thanks to the eddy-current sensing mechanism, the encoder is insensitive to magnetic fields and therefore particularly suited for integration in rotary amd linear direct drives, voice coil actuators, solenoids and other magnetic actuators.

Target markets include industrial and laboratory automation with applications such as pick & place machines, inspection- and test-equipment, robotics and machine-tooling

The IT5602L encoder kit with scales of various lengths and an Evaluation and Programming Tool are available from POSIC’s webshop.