LED marine downlights

Louise Smyth

Lighting solutions specialist Glamox has updated its DL60 series of LED downlights for marine applications with new state of the art LED modules. The result is significantly reduced power consumption and an overall more environmentally friendly profile.

The new DL60 LED downlights are designed to provide maximum light quality with better colour rendering than fluorescent and halogen lighting. All DL60 components are custom engineered to work optimally together in order to provide maximum light output and minimum glare. The downlights are suitable for a wide range of offshore oil and gas and marine applications, including crew and public areas, cabins, corridors, lounges, shopping areas, ship bridges and staircases.

Compared with halogen lighting solutions, the DL60 can reduce energy consumption by up to 80% with the same light level. On a large marine vessel that has many corridors, common areas and cabins, this represents a substantial energy saving, lower total cost of ownership and a short payback on the initial investment.

Recent test results on the new DL60 series at Glamox showed a 33% reduction in power consumption along with a light efficacy of up to 98 lumen/watt.

The DL60 series of LED downlights is easy to install and is characterised by a long service life at high ambient temperatures (50,000 hours at 45 deg C) and low power consumption. The DL60 is supplied with driver and light source and is available in a wide range of trims (white, brass or chrome) and decors.

EMC is becoming increasingly important in all industries and applications. The DL60 is produced in accordance with EMC requirements. The increased use of electronic components in modern ship designs, particularly in the control room, requires more stringent control of EMC requirements. EMC 1 protection, both conducted and radiated, must be guaranteed on all light fittings installed in the bridge. This is covered by the international standard IEC65/6500.

The DL60 is available in three sizes and two heights (92, 108 and 155mm diameter). The 155mm diameter version is available with a housing in two depths, which is ideal for mounting in ceilings with space restriction. Five versions of the DL60 are available with lumen system outputs of 500, 700, 800, 900, 1100, 1400 and 2100 lm. The latest addition, the DL60-R108 LED version, is adjustable vertically and horizontally. In order turned to optimise light settings, the DL60-R108 LED light can be tilted up to 25 degrees and rotated up to 228 degrees.

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