LED floodlights meet stringent requirements of Royal Navy aircraft carriers

Louise Smyth

Lighting solutions specialist Glamox has supplied hundreds of LED Wide beam floodlights for use on the Royal Navy’s two new aircraft carriers, the HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales – the largest surface warships ever built for the Royal Navy.

At 280m long and 70m wide, the aircraft carriers’ flight decks can accommodate more than 470 London buses. Both carriers are built in sections across the UK and shipped to Rosyth in Scotland for assembly.

For these prestigious projects, Glamox supplied a total of 294 FL60N Wide beam floodlights. These floodlights are installed in internal hangar locations, as well as externally in evacuation areas and for illuminating the surface of the sea. The FL60N floodlights met the stringent requirements of the Royal Navy and were delivered to its contractor, BAE Systems in Glasgow.

The FL60N was shock tested to stringent naval/MOD requirements (BR 8740), which specify that the lights are still operational after being subjected to a particular shock grade. Glamox also designed a special mounting bracket that enhanced the support for the floodlight and preventing it from rotating under shock.

The FL60N is a member of the FL60 family of LED floodlights from Glamox. The FL60N is specially designed for Navy applications and environments. Other variants from this family include the FX60, designed and certified for use in Ex Zone 1 hazardous environments.

The FL60 floodlights offer a virtually maintenance-free solution for all high intensity lighting requirements. The FL60 is available as a four-module version and is an excellent choice of luminaire for demanding applications where illumination over longer distances is required. The FL60 operates in ambient temperatures ranging from -45ºC to +55ºC.

The FL60 LED light source and integrated driver technology are designed to offer excellent heat management, providing a long operating life of at least 100,00 hours at 45ºC with 70% light output (L70). The virtually maintenance-free luminaire therefore provides savings in terms of product lifecycle costs. There are also substantial savings in terms of energy consumption. An FL60 floodlight consumes around 75% less energy compared to high-pressure sodium lamps.

The FL60 is housed in a seawater-resistant, anodised aluminium housing and is mounted using a 316 stainless steel frame and adjustable mounting bracket. The combination of these materials offers a robust, reliable four-module floodlight that weighs less than 20kg. The FL60 also has special approved connection terminals and a die cast aluminium alloy junction box to suit Navy/MOD applications.

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