Latest pipe-joining solutions displayed at POWER-GEN Europe

Paul Boughton

Victaulic, a leader in mechanical pipe-joining systems, will showcase its latest technology at POWER-GEN Europe 2014. 

Among the products on display will be the Victaulic installation-ready range of flexible and rigid couplings, which the company says is up to 10 times faster to install than other joining methods, and Vic-Press, the ANSI Schedule 10S pipe sized press-to-connect system designed for off-the-shelf ASTM A-312 Schedule 10S stainless steel pipe. Vic-Press provides an industrial-grade solution for quickly and reliably joining 15-50mm (½-2") piping systems.

Other products in the spotlight include the Style 152A Expansion Joint Coupling and Style 220/Style 221 Flue Gas Nozzle Couplings.  

Designed for pulverised coal boiler feed lines, the Style 152A Expansion Joint Coupling stands up to the extreme conditions produced by a boiler. Providing up to four degrees of deflection, as well as expansion, contraction and rotation, the 152A has proven itself a workhorse in power generation facilities around the world and comes available for 250 – 780 mm (10 – 30") diameter pipe. The Style 152A does not require the removal of pipe wall and does not have parts that project directly into the coal stream, preventing fires and unscheduled maintenance caused by protrusions that can result in heavy coal build-up within the pipe, erosion, and other damage to the piping and burner nozzles. 

Victaulic Style 220/Style 221 Flue Gas Nozzle Couplings provide a mechanical joint for spray nozzles in either alloy or FRP respectively, for use on scrubbers. Lightweight, single-bolt assembly makes installation easier and faster than traditional flanged connections, eliminates over-tightening and ‘cracking’ of nozzles, and permits full 360° nozzle orientation.

Victaulic systems are ideally suited to the power industry for applications including chemical feed lines, waste water systems, compressed air, fire protection and cooling water. They offer many safety features and compressed schedule advantages. 

Victaulic will be offering hands-on assembly experience to demonstrate just how simple it is to put together its grooved couplings and fittings.

Bill Lowar, power division manager, comments: “The Victaulic grooved piping system is the ideal choice for compressed schedules in the power industry because it offers the combined advantages of design versatility, highly reliable operation and fast installation, and works equally well with a variety of piping materials, including carbon and stainless steel, ductile iron and HDPE piping.”

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