Laser gas detection

Louise Smyth

Axetris and its Laser Gas Detection (LGD) business line  announces the new LGD F200P2 module for methane leak detection applications.

With improved product and software design, the LGD F200P2 opens up further possibilities for Axetris customers, helping them to achieve better detection performance and long-term stability.

A Range of Added Benefits

The module has a robust and highly reliable new line-tracking design and algorithm. This not only improves the long-term stability of the platform 2, but also in a lower detection limit and quicker response time T90. As a consequence the integration effort is reduced, the gas analyzer designs are simpler, and zero/span interval sequences can be reduced or even eliminated.

With the introduction of F200 Platform 2, Axetris has achieved a flexible product platform that enables easy implementation of your specific application requirements. More information on the LGD F200P2-A CH4