Keeping your systems running

Jon Lawson

Serving markets such as food and beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology, SPX FLOW’s Seital brand offers leading separation and clarification technology. These advanced solutions help ensure premium quality results and high levels of efficiency and reliability. The new, easy to connect wireless VPN router package delivers peace of mind to customers by enabling remote troubleshooting via a secure, wireless connection.

Using the wireless router, SPX FLOW experts can remotely rectify potential problems and adjust the set-up of the separator to ensure it continues to operate efficiently and reliably. The router is supplied with an initial choice of 20 or 40 hours of remote support by highly skilled SPX FLOW service technicians. The complete service package is designed to further increase system availability and minimise potential production losses.

The VPN router is exceptionally easy to connect and can be quickly moved around the plant as needed. The operator simply needs to connect an Ethernet cable between the router and separator and connect power to the router. The router transmits its data to the SPX FLOW service centre through a wireless hotspot using a mobile phone, tablet or PC.

SPX FLOW is continually enhancing its aftermarket services to ensure customers get the best from their investments throughout their lifetime. It offers a range of remote monitoring services with its Seital Separators to help ensure maintenance costs and risks to production time due to unexpected problems are minimised. The new wireless VPN system is another example of its commitment to helping customers protect their production time, system performance and plant profitability.