Junction box is ready for Zone 2 explosion hazard areas

Louise Smyth

HIMA has developed the decentralised HIJunctionBox for use in Zone 2 explosion hazard areas. Its uniform hardware and software design allows any necessary additional modules to be retrofitted easily and implemented locally. As a result, the system architecture of an installation can be flexibly adapted to altered requirements. In the event of loss of communication with the central system, the junction box continues to operate independently in the field, contributing to higher system availability.

Depending on the complexity of the application, the system is based on the HIMatrix or HIMax safety controller. It can be structured as a redundant system or as a mono system. I/O modules and the option of using the Reload function to transfer programming settings enable quick system expansion during live operation. A wide variety of functions can be implemented through modular I/O integration, from system control and monitoring to detailed diagnostics such as HART. The HIJunctionBox is supplied pre-configured and tested. This allows factory acceptance tests (FAT) and site acceptance tests (SAT) to be shortened, resulting in faster overall commissioning.

The ‘Control in the Field’ feature additionally enables the plant operator to perform sophisticated control tasks on site, even under demanding environmental conditions. The HIJunctionBox is designed and built to meet the requirements of IP 66/NEMA 4X protection ratings in accordance with IEC 60529 and has a lockable 316L stainless steel enclosure with a wall thickness of 2 mm.