IO-Link functionality added to compact magnetostrictive sensor

Louise Smyth

MTS Sensors has further expanded its portfolio of linear position sensors with the introduction of new versions of its popular E-Series that support the IO-Link communication protocol (as outlined within the IEC 61131-9 standard).

Available in a variety of different housing formats, the E-Series IO-Link offering is highly optimised for addressing space-constrained industrial automation applications. The new IO-Link protocol offers simple bi-directional point-to-point communication with both signal transmission (at rates of up to 230.4 kbps) and power delivery being handled. It enables consistent communication between sensors and the controller, as well as providing access to valuable diagnostic data that will ensure ongoing reliable operation.

These sensor devices have a maximum stroke length reaching up to 2540mm. They exhibit a high degree linearity, keeping deviation to within a margin of less than 0.02% (full scale). The rod-based option, which is intended for in-cylinder integration, is complemented by standard profile and low-profile options, plus an aluminium cylinder option that incorporates a guided driving rod containing both the sensor element and the accompanying electronics.

Due to their configurability, E-Series IO-Link devices can have key parameters adjusted to suit specific application requirements.  These include assigning of measuring direction (forward or reverse) and offset value. Their operational temperature range covers -40°C to +75°C.