Innovation in benzoxazine resins

Paul Boughton

Huntsman Advanced Materials has announced significant investment in its benzoxazine resins research and manufacturing programme. This investment will see the company focusing on meeting demands for higher and longer thermal performance, higher mechanical properties in hot and wet conditions and more cost-effective and safer alternatives to using phenolic resins in FST composites applications.

New, dedicated benzoxazine resin research and manufacturing facilities were completed in January 2015, as part of the company’s commitment to advanced materials that combine FST properties with high mechanical performance. 

As this research into benzoxazines continues, one of the recently developed solutions has shown value as a cost-effective replacement for phenolic resins across a diverse range of applications subject to high temperatures, including semi-structural parts in aerospace interiors.  

The launch of the inherently flame resistant resin Araldite MT 35710 FST has provided a good example of the approach the company is taking to further advancements in benzoxazine resins.  

Differing from phenolic resins and as with all the company’s other benzoxazine resins, Araldite MT 35710 FST, does not contain free phenols, strengthening the good positioning of this chemistry versus long term REACH acceptability.

Araldite MT 35710 FST cures without gas release, providing an excellent surface finish and laminate quality, whilst meeting the same FST and heat release requirements as phenolics. As such, Araldite MT 35710 FST positions itself as an overall cost-efficient alternative to phenolic resins. 

In contrast to traditional benzoxazine systems, Araldite MT 35710 FST offers a low viscosity which makes it suitable for various composites fabrication techniques, including direct processes such as RTM and for the formulation of solvent and hot-melt prepregs.

With 25 years wealth of experience behind benzoxazine chemistries, Huntsman is developing safer, halogen-free, as well as FST and Heat release compliant benzoxazine chemistries. Furthermore, the company is also working on novel benzoxazine resins that offer improved thermal and mechanical performances for high-temperature composites and electronics components. 

In product development, the company is focused on lowering viscosities with out-of-autoclave curing profiles that can support faster, more efficient and cost-effective processing. This approach is being taken alongside the development of safer, halogen-free and FST compliant benzoxazine chemistries that also offer improved thermal and mechanical performances for high-temperature composites and electronics components.

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