Industrial grade, clear viewing panes

Paul Boughton

IRISS, known for its shatterproof and UV resistant infrared windows, is also able to supply window products for UV and visual inspection as well as all three infrared spectrums. Indeed the latest addition to its product line, the IRISS CAP-VIZ series boosts its capability in the field of pure visual inspection.

In common with all the IRISS opaque and clear polymer windows, the IRISS CAP-VIZ series is a robust, industrial grade product that carries UL, ABS, Lloyds and CSA certification. This range of clear viewing panes is available in three standard sizes – 6-in, 12-in and 24-in, with or without cover.

The IRISS CAP-VIZ window itself is made from glass fibre reinforced Makrolon polycarbonate, an amorphous, thermoplastic moulding compound.  This material is noted for its efficient light transmission, high heat resistance and exceptional toughness. High creep modulus is another characteristic, so a long service life is assured.  Makrolon® also maintains its shape and size over time and provides good electrical insulation properties.

The standard IRISS CAP-VIZ product is constructed from stainless steel and this, in combination with the impact resistant qualities of Makrolon®, makes it the ideal choice for food and pharmaceutical production.  When installed and closed the unit has a water and dust ingress rating of IP65/NEMA 4.

All IRISS CAP-VIZ products carry an unconditional lifetime warranty and can be custom painted and finished with logos and any corporate or safety message.