Improved free software for manipulating STL files

Paul Boughton

Materialise is releasing a new version of its free software for the inspection and compression of STL files, Minimagics 2. The original Minimagics tool made rapid product development project communication easier and Minimagics 2 is said to do exactly the same, only better.
Minimagics 2 is described as an indispensible tool for anyone that would like to view or interact with an STL file. Upgrading to Minimagics 2 is also highly recommended for existing Minimagics users, who will benefit from its enhanced features and its full compatibility with Magics 14.
Materialise says that Minimagics 2 ensures precise measurements every time, with the enhanced measurement options in Minimagics2 offering increased flexibility and now also accurate measurements to be taken using points, lines, circles and planes.
With its new viewing options, Minimagics2 enables users to grasp the most complex of projects quickly. For instant geometry appreciation, view options now include shade, wireframe, shade and wire, triangle and transparent.
Ease of use is prevalent throughout Minimagics2 and this is said to be evident right from the installation stage. For users in organisations that require installations to be carried out by a system administrator, Minimagics2 offers an easy silent server installation option. This enables a system administrator to get users up and running and benefitting from Minimagics2 quickly and easily.
Katrien Lenaerts, Magics e-Solution Suite product manager, states: "Minimagics 2 is a vital tool for anyone that comes into contact with an STL file. With the new view and measurement options, important project information can be discussed with a high degree of accuracy and confidence. Project information can be easily communicated with annotations and the STL file can be quickly compressed by up to a factor of 20 and efficiently exchanged with other Minimagics2 and Magics users."
Minimagics is the freeware component of the Magics e-Solution Suite, in which Materialise offers a range of integrated efficiency-boosting utilities for rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing processes.
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