Improved fibre optic transmitter solutions

Louise Smyth

TT Electronics is launching the OPF350A and OPF352A fibre optic transmitter solutions based on 850nm LED technology. Engineered for field-proven reliability and consistent high-output performance, lead-times are cut to ten weeks.

The OPF350A and OPF352A are equivalent alternatives to the existing OPF370A and OPF372A products and come with the same ST-style package. The new fibre optic transmitters also improve performance with up to 8% more optical power with various fibre sizes such as 50/125μm-200/300μm.

They are ideal for telecom and data-communication applications at up to 35MHz. Typical uses include power generation communications, copper-to-fibre media conversion, industrial Ethernet equipment, intra-system fibre-optic links, and video surveillance systems.

The OPF350A in TO-18 package is chosen for applications needing high thermal stability across the industrial temperature range of -40°C to 100°C, and offers a robust alternative to the OPF370A in addition to shorter lead times.

The OPF352A in the ST-style receptacle is suitable for PCB or panel mounting. It is supplied pre-mounted, pre-tested with fibre to assure performance, and ready to use, with essential fixings and a protective dust cap included.