If it should be tailor-made, it will be!

Paul Boughton

Andreas Voss looks at the benefits of customised piping solutions.

Better operating performance, streamlined design for tight access areas, delivery times as short as possible - hydraulic equipment manufacturers are confronted with all these constantly increasing requirements for improving the efficiency of their hydraulic systems. And all this at a time when cost pressures are already high and even increasing.

With its Complete Piping Solution System, Parker can now offer designers an interesting solution for these challenges. Higher pressure is associated with this demand for improved hydraulic system efficiency and higher pressure in turn implies systems that are reliable. On this point, Parker can assure users that all its fittings and flange components are designed as standard with a safety factor of 4. Moreover, these products have been certified by the leading classification societies.

After detailed discussions with the customer, Parker engineers develop a design that accommodates tight installation space, or recommend to the user the adoption of special components such as blocks or manifolds. The object of the exercise is to significantly reduce the number of individual components.

As and when they are required, the customer can put together the appropriate construction blocks from the Complete Piping Solution System. This makes it possible for Parker to deliver installation-ready piping systems and kits. Installation times are substantially reduced with these pre-manufactured components. To avert the risk of machine down-times caused by incorrect assembly, experts with a wealth of practical experience can give assembly training and advice or, when required, can undertake the complete assembly process at the installation location.

By deciding on installation-ready piping assemblies, the user will significantly reduce the number of subcontractors, thereby appreciably slimming down the procurement process and benefitting from a further cost advantage.

Let's now go into detail on the advantages of the Complete Piping Solutions System.

The system is a modular construction solution from which the customer can pick out the elements he finds useful. This may be advice, when Parker engineers can help with things such as line dimensioning and optimal line routing, or it may be recommendations for optimal component selection.

On the basis of this, Parker can develop for the customer a new pipeline design or, if required, can re-engineer existing welded lines into the company's weldless lines.

It is also possible for Parker to prefabricate line systems that have been developed together with the customer. This entails installation-ready, weldless piping lines, from 16 to 273mm with 1/2 to 10in flange connectors, which are produced using the latest CNC-controlled bending technology. If necessary, machining takes place using a mandrel support in order to avoid pipe flattening in the bending zone. This gives a bend radius, depending on diameter and application, of 2 to 3D.

Last but not least, as needed and when requested Parker will undertake a pressure test of the pipelines before installation, raise the appropriate documentation and make them up as installation-ready kits, which will of course significantly shorten the assembly process.

The company carries out prefabrication in Complete Piping Solution Centres. One such centre is in Augustdorf, near Bielefeld, where any Parker tube fittings system may be adapted to customer requirements - for instance, EO-PSR, EO-2, EO-2FORM, the new EO-3, O-Lok, Triple-Lok, Parflange F37 and the Parker High-Performance Flange System. Measurement of sample pipes can be undertaken on site either conventionally or with the latest, contactless 3D measuring instruments.

Besides its widely acknowledged competence and large development capability, Parker has a broad range of innovative products. Thus the Parflange F37 system with its special F37 seal is the ideal product for many marine and offshore applications up to 10in and is approved by well-known classification societies such as The American Bureau of Shipping, Det Norske Veritas, Germanischer Lloyd and Lloyd's Register. It includes ISO 6162-1 (3,000psi), ISO 6162-2 (6,000psi) and ISO 6164-conforming connection configurations.

With the Parflange 170 machine, quick and simple on-site assembly utilising this user-friendly flared flange system is practically child's play. The sizes and pressures cover from 1/2 to 3in and 3,000 psi/210 to 350 bar in accordance with ISO 6161-1; over 1/2 to 2in and 6,000 psi/420 bar in accordance with ISO 6162-2; from 2 to 10in and 250 up to 400bar corresponding to ISO 6164. Furthermore, there is a 1,000psi system for return lines from 1/2 to 10in (50 to 70bar) in the programme.

For adaptors and pipe dimensions that do not allow flaring, the retaining ring system is interesting. The Parflange F37 programme also includes solutions with bonded seal rings, pipe seal carriers and bolt seal carriers.

The wide variety of innovative products related to piping is completed by the High-Performance Flange System with flange sizes up to 4in, which can demonstrate its strength particularly well in extreme installations with dynamic loading and vibrations.

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Andreas Voss is product manager, Product Unit Piping. Parker Hannifin Manufacturing Germany, Tube Fittings Division Europe is based in Bielefeld, Germany.

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