Hydraulic Calculator 2.0 PC software saves design time

Paul Boughton

Hydraulic Calculator 2.0 PC is a software tool that performs the hydraulic calculations needed for cylinders, pumps and motors. It is designed to be used by engineers eager to reduce the time spent in hydraulic calculations when designing or verifying actual data, or because they are new to hydraulics and not familiar with the formulae.
Even people experienced in hydraulics can have problems with constants and units, or simply enter erroneous values into a formula and get incorrect results. And even when the result has been obtained, the engineer will often check or double-check the calculations to be sure.
Hydraulic Calculator 2.0 PC puts all the relevant formulae in one place, namely the user's computer. Described as extremely easy to use, the program was designed to simplify and ease calculations needed for cylinders, motors and pumps, including the displacement of gear pumps or motors. Additionally, it can be used to convert between units.
Users can input units such as pounds, PSI, inches, gallons/minute (GPM), Newtons, bar, centimetres and litres per minute (lpm). In addition, results can be converted from metric to imperial units and vice versa.
For more information, visit www.hidraulicapractica.com

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