High temperature 60A/1200V power module

Paul Boughton

The CHT-PLUTO is a high temperature power module that can operate reliably between -55°C and +225°C, delivering up to 60A.

CHT-PLUTO - from CISSOID - is a dual Silicon Carbide MOSFET module primarily meant for half-bridges with 30A continuous capability for both low-side and high-side. The two independent switches can be used in parallel to deliver a total of 60A with a breakdown voltage in excess of 1200V and a low on-resistance of 23mΩ at 25°C and 50mΩ at 225°C at VGS=20V.

High operating frequencies can be used thanks to the low switching losses of the SiC transistors. CHT-PLUTO also embeds freewheeling Schottky diodes with a low forward voltage Vf that reduces the power dissipation during dead times. Each switch can be controlled with a standard -5/+20V gate voltage.

CHT-PLUTO is available in a hermetically sealed 8 pins proprietary HM8A metal package with dimensions of 18mm x 29mm excluding mounting tabs. The devices are electrically isolated from the case of the package. The module features a low junction-to-case thermal resistance of 0.7°C/W for each 30A channel.Two additional sources connectors allow for an easy and robust connection to the gate driver.

CHT-PLUTO is suitable to implement a half bridge for applications such as power converters, inverters or motor drives. When putting the two switches in parallel, CHT-PLUTO can handle 60A with a lower Rth of 0.35°C/W. Several modules can also be parallelised to handle even higher current.